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Anchor Point Engineering recommends and uses the Sayfa “travel8” horizontal lifeline system, and the Capital Safety “Evolution” horizontal lifeline system, systems that allows greater mobility when traversing a roof or where a fall greater than 2.000 meters exists.

The Sayfa “travel8” system and the Capital Safety “Evolutions” system have both been designed for the Australian market and encompasses all that is required in a horizontal lifeline systems. They are simplistic in design, aesthetically pleasing and full of features. The end and intermediate brackets can be mounted to almost all types of roof profiles and the Sayfa “travel8” horizontal line can be colour coded to match the roof or the building.

The Sayfa “travel8” system and the Sala “Evolution” system are so versatile they can be mounted on a wall, overhead or to the ground; they can be curved to go around objects and can be installed in one continuous run up to 300 meters. And of course both systems conform to all Australian Standards.

Other systems are available upon request or to match existing installations.